If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission. Some plants are extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Add to Cart or Buy now with Product Details No more lifting heavy plants. Select either black or terra cotta to compliment your dcor. Good for plant growth. The measures may cross the top and bottom in some uncommon circumstances. PERFECT SIZE -11.8'' Round the planter caddy can hold any size pot - small, medium and large. DURABLE MATERIAL and COLOR : Made of 100% Acacia wood. Nothing lightweight about Cascade Manufacturings Heavy Duty Plant Caddy collapses after a single season, falls apart as its wheeled around, or doesnt hold anything more than a small plastic pot. The article will summarize the most popular and best-reviewed products so you can make an informed choice. Check out our lowest priced option within Planter Caddies, the Table-Top Gardener Portable Potting Tray by Argee. Honda has been selling reliable lawn products for more than 40 years. Choose a rolling plant stand with casters to provide your plants with more exposure to daylight. Locking wheels and load: Four lockable wheels with 360 degrees make your pots easy to move and be safe. A hole on the top of plant caddy, in order to let excessive water to drain to drawer. Use indoors or outdoors. Heavy Duty Rolling Plant Caddy CascadeManufacturing (243) $210.50 More colors Plant stand Unfinished, round solid pine, plant caddy, 15" diameter with 2" swivel casters, holds up to 320 lbs WalltoWallWoodworks (428) $45.00 Plant Caddy 2 Set 12 inch Wooden Heavy Duty Plant Stand with Lockable Caster SuccyPlanters (732) $32.99 When there is a lot of water in the pot, some plants dont do well. Keep the Floor Clean: The internal height of the plant roller base is 1.5 inches deep, ensuring that excess water does not mess on your floor during watering. Will support up to 500 lbs. To prevent rust, metallic materials are usually coated. A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript, is preventing JavaScript from running. We can use it both inside and outside to get plants out of the way while entertaining or cleaning below them. Let the air flow at the bottom of the pot. You should select a plant caddy that accommodates the drainage system of your plants current pots. This plant caddy is commonly used for hauling garden pots, big houseplants, large potted plants, large pitchers, whiskey kegs, or hefty trash cans both indoors and outdoors. 2. Three caster wheels swivel 360 degrees to make moving heavy planters very easy. Moving for sweeping easily. if planter is positioned evenly over wheels. In addition to moving plants, you can use the planter caddy with wheels to move air purifiers, filters, laundry baskets, and even heavy trash cans. The texture on the rolling plant caddy is also can storage some water to achieve automatic water control to provide essential water for your planter and protect their roots. In terms of durability and glide, rubber is the best. Little drawer will avoid heft the heavy plant out of the plant tray, you can directly dump the water and clean out the drawer. Luckily, there are plant stands with wheels that allow you to skate your plants from room to room. A third-party browser plugin, such as Ghostery or NoScript, is preventing JavaScript from running. After completing the CAPTCHA below, you will immediately regain access to the site again. We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products-learn more about our process. It can be challenging to keep your green babies healthy and happy. Bonus points if you can move them wherever you want, but that can be the tricky part. If you have limited space or gardening skills, you can watch your Have you ever bought a rake? It is very enjoyable in the open air because the caddy can rotate without forcing you to pull it off the ground. $42.29. Hole in the middle of the Plant Caddie helps your pots and planters drain properly to maintain healthy plants. What are a few brands that you carry in Planter Caddies? Please accept the terms of our newsletter. Although, A hand trowel is one of the most important garden tools there is. The inner height of the dish is deep, so it can actually catch and contain spills. 1. The top-selling product within Planter Caddies is the Devault Enterprises 23.5 in. From sowing seeds, aerating soil, planting bulbs, planting, Building and maintaining a perennial garden is an enjoyable process that is perfected over time. This rolling plant stand makes life easier and saves your back when moving heavy planters. Hole in the middle of the Plant Caddie helps your pots and planters drain properly to maintain healthy plants. 360 degree rotating wheels make your work easily and efficient, move heavy planters around your home or garden breezily without damage on your floor, and there is mute design on wheels. You can move these heavy pots around your home using a heavy-duty plant caddy. The Down Under Plant Caddie is a very heavy duty Plant Caddie. Use indoors or outdoors. It also serves as a water storage container, preventing the floor from becoming wet while watering. ALLADINBOX Plant Caddy 2 Set 12 inch Wooden Heavy Duty Plant Stand with Lockable Caster Wheels Plant Dolly Indoor/Outdoor Holds Up . You can quickly move heavy planters around the rooms and the outdoors to clean the floor. It is made in a way that prevents it from tipping over. 2. Do you only need to move one plant at a time? The wheels use thickened internal structure and outer shell, which is the trick to more wear resistance and bear more weight. Larger planter caddies are usually used to transport heavier plant pots. Refresh your browser window to try again. No reviews. Plants can be kept from wilting by keeping them away from heating systems during the day and from windows at night. It will come in handy for transporting big plants, garden pots, and a large number of potted trees without causing significant damage. There is something we all enjoy about having plants growing on our verandas and patios. Need Help? [Indoor & Outdoor Practical Use]: It's designed to run on patios, wooden floors for outdoors. Finally, caddies can save you time while moving your potted plants from inside to outside. Plant Stands with 360Casters Wheels: suitable for multi-shapes plant stands, you can easily move flower pots, vases and heavy plant pots without damaging your floor, and there is a silent design on the wheels. Plant Caddy with Wheels 15-20inch Heavy Duty 440lbs Capacity Adjustable Caddy Plant Caddy with Wheels 15-20inch Heavy Duty 440lbs Capacity Adjustable Caddy Moving plants from point A to point B has never been this easy. Bright Creations 4 Pack Metal Rolling Plant Stand with Wheels, Heavy Duty Roller Base for Indoor and Outdoor Pots (10.6 in) Plant Roller Base: This iron plant caddy features a durable construction with wheels for moving. Even a big flower pot can be transported around your home thanks to the sizeable heavy-duty plant caddy with wheels on the metal caddy base. Made of tough resin, it is quite hard and sturdy, and it doesnt age or rust. For balanced light exposure and healthier plants, move or rotate your plants. Kitchen & Gardening 2022 All Rights Reserved, Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. Use toughened tempered plastic with better hardness as raw material to guarantee the quality from the original. Includes 1 - Bloem Caddy Round Plant Stand Caddy w/wheels Saucer Tray 14 in Terra Cotta Heavy duty rolling plant caddy with . Best Quality A locking feature on most planter caddies allows you to set them in a stationary position. Sand to get all the excess bark and junk off. There are a few reasons this might happen: To regain access, please make sure that cookies and JavaScript are enabled before reloading the page. View cart for details. Required fields are marked *. Installation and help : These plant caddies are easy to assemble and sturdy roll, even with a heavy plant. Reviewing the Leading Planter Caddy of 2023 in Detail. Garden Gates editorial staff is not involved. #20. Durability and reliability are two factors that are closely related to one another. The height is 3.14 inches,the width of the wheels is 1.57inches. Besides, four lockable caster wheels can keep your flower pot in place and prevent sliding. Select either black or terra cotta to compliment your dcor. They also speed up the transportation to the intended remote site of use. at the best online prices at eBay! 4.1 out of 5 stars 41. Additional information is available in this. If you have a large number of large plants, relocating them can prove to be a difficult task. From $34.99 ($17.50 per item) $47.99 (39 . The plant caddy is a modern and stylish way to . Moreover, calculating the caddy size is complicated by the rim. 444. Buying a caddy requires you to consider its shape as well. Flowerpot Tray Metal Plant Caddy Heavy Duty Iron Potted Plant Stand with Wheels $40.94 Plastic Plant Caddy with Casters 13" Heavy-duty Plant Dolly Rolling Plant Stand with Wheels for Moving Heavy and Large Plant Pot Saucers Indoor and Outdoor, Black $14.99 Iron Plant Caddy Round Flower Pot Rack Heavy Duty Potted Plant Stand with Wheels +2 options There should be an adequate coating on the caddys overall material and its stand. LiveBe 12 Inch Plant Caddy Heavy Duty Plant Pot with 4 Rolling Wheels (2 Lockable Caster Wheels), Indoor Outdoor on Roller Patio/Flower Pot/Succulent Pots (2 Pack) (Black) 48. The height is 3.14 inches,the width of the wheels is 1.57inches. Good design : The plant caddy with four lips and one round groove keep the water contained and prevent the floor from wetting when you are watering. You've disabled JavaScript in your web browser. Xedragony Planter Caddy Heavy Duty Plant Stand with Locking Wheels Outdoor Indoor 17 Inch 600 Lbs Capacity 14 1 offer from 55.95 #20 KELIXU Plant Caddy with Wheels Adjustable 15-20in, Heavy Duty Rolling Plant Stand 440lbs, Indoor Outdoor Large Plant Cart Dolly with Casters Plant Roller Tray, Gray 5 1 offer from 30.99 #21 Common options include: polished, painted, powder-coated, or chrome plated finish. A planter caddy can be an excellent value for those with limited space because they help us manage our freedom. Make sure you buy a planter caddy that can support the weight of the plant pot you place on it. Plants also enter a dormant state throughout the winter months. The planters will be kept off the ground by the rolling wheels, which will safeguard your pricey floor from wear and tear. This Plant Dolly not only keeps your heavy planter in place but also decors your corner and garden design.
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